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Welcome To a New Approach to Optimal Health:

What is Ortho-Molecular & Nutrigenomics all about...
Ortho-Molecular nutrition is the belief that by concentrating and balancing the
molecules in the body, we can achieve a state of optimal health.   Ortho is a Greek
word meaning, "correct" or "right."   So Ortho-Molecular literally means, "right
molecules."  Correcting right molecules in the body is step 1 in optimal health.
Next we have to understand that each of us is born with genetic strengths and
weaknesses.   It is our genetics, combined with our environment, that determine
our own unique set of nutritional requirements.   
Nutrigenomics is the science that shows how foods and nutrients control our
genes and how they express either optimal health or weakened health as we
age.  This is a major breakthrough and it puts us in control of our genes.  We are
no longer victims of our parents genetic patterns, with no power to alter our state
of health as we grow older.
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