Nutritional Health & Website Disclaimer
I, as an Ortho-Molecular Nutritionist,, Paleoceuticals, or HealthBlogger, do not directly
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It is not my intent to diagnose or prescribe. My intent is only to offer health information
to help you cooperate with your health professional and give you choices as to the direction you
want to go.  

My goal always, is to help educate you on the concepts of health building principles without negative
side effects.  In fact, generally, if we are successful, you will have side benefits using non drug programs.

In the event you choose to use this information without your doctor’s approval, you are prescribing for
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When you read the material on this or any other website that I am involved with,  you will want to
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Everything I say on this or any of my other websites is simply my own opinion based on 40 + years
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Christopher Wiechert, CNC