HealthBloggers Specialized Programs
The best programs money can buy, developed with over 30 years of clinical experience.
They are synergistic, which means they work especially well as combinations.
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The Anti Inflammatory / Natural Pain Relief & Immune Restoration
 Featuring Astaxanthin, Red Reishi and Curcumin Complex.

The Program...
Natural Hawaiian BioAstin® Astaxanthin - 1 cap w/ BFT.

Red Reishi - 2 caps w/ BFT.

Super Bio-Curcumin - 1 capsule w/ BFT.
Comprehensive Eye Health Program...

This program is designed to slow and even reverse age related eye
health issues.  Especially good for computer eye strain.  Amazing.

Chondroitin Sulfate - Take 2 caps w/ BFT & 2 caps w/ DNR .

MacuGuard Ocular Support with Astaxanthin - Take 1 cap with BFT & 1
cap w/ DNR
HealthBloggers Youngevity Optimal Health Pak

This program supplies all 90+ Essential Nutrients.  16 Vitamins, 3
Essential Fatty Acids, all 12 Essential Amino Acids and 77 Minerals,
including Trace Minerals and 7 Rare Earths, 60 of which are Essential.  
Supplies optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium, which is never
achieved with a Multi Vitamin and Mineral capsules or pills.
Assimilation is close to 97%, compared to pills, which are usually
less than 20%.  Affectionately called The Wicky Pak.

Ultimate Classic - Take 1 Tbs Twice a day with meals

Beyond Osteo Fx - Take 1 Tbs Twice a day with meals

Ultimate EFA Plus - Take 2 cap w/ BFT & 1 cap w/ DNR

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